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Meal Planning + Food Prep


Includes a planning session, custom meal plan, recipes & grocery shopping list - and up to 2 hours of Food Prepping where we both cook virtually via FaceTime, Zoom session -OR-

in-person at your home.

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Meal Planning + Food Prep Class


Whether you’re trying to lose weight, save time or eat healthy - having a plan will help you achieve your goals. Cooking is one of the best things you can do for your health because you control the salt, oil, sugar and avoid artificial ingredients. 


  • reduce stress

  • portion control

  • eat healthy

  • save time

  • save money

  • less waste


Perfect for those that love to cook or that want to learn how. It all starts with a planning session call. I’ll ask you questions about the foods you love and any foods you’re avoiding. I create a shopping list. You shop. We cook together virtually via FaceTime, Zoom -OR- in-person at your home.   


My goal is to get you comfortable and confident when meal planning and prepping so you can spend more time doing the things you love. We will explore several ways to make the process easier - like convenient kitchen tools, grocery delivery service and shopping list apps to name a few. 

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