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Hello! I’m Jeannine, a culinary coach and plant-based personal chef. I am so excited and grateful you made it here!

My personal health journey:

My previous career had me traveling on the road and working long hours. I didn’t take the time to prepare healthy meals and defaulted to carry-out and convenience foods. Sound familiar? This totally caught up to me and as a result, I struggled with digestive issues for years. I was also treated for thyroid cancer and other health issues. It was time to make some major lifestyle changes! 


I realized I needed to take control of my own health, and that started with what I was eating. So I set out to learn how to prepare healthy food for myself. Beyond what we all see, I knew instinctively that processed food was hiding bad things and greatly reducing nutrients.


My first stop was educating myself with a holistic foundation to wellness and cooking at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a Certified Health Coach. I was adding in more nutrient-dense whole foods and less processed food which totally helped my digestive issues. I realized that “Food is Medicine” and gained a strong desire to share this knowledge with others. 


Next, I specialized as a Certified Plant-Based Chef and most recently, a Culinary Coach. I realized that many people would like to eat better but don’t know where to start.


This led to me creating Kitchen is Love as a way to help empower others on their journey to be in control of their healthy eating through plant-based recipes, meal planning & prep along with culinary skills. I meet clients where they are today and create a plan to help them reach their goals, one step at a time. 


I would love to share my passion for plants with you! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me here

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My Philosophy:


The kitchen is the heart and soul of a home, a place where loved ones and guests migrate.


We make daily decisions in the kitchen to either fuel our bodies with whole foods, or consume processed foods that don't make us feel our best.​

I believe cooking is an act of loving kindness. Every decision made can have an impact on ourselves, our loved ones, and the planet. Let's make healthier decisions for the greater good, together! 💕 🌱 🌎 🌱 💕

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