Jeannine works with clients primarily focusing on delicious food they actually enjoy! Whether their goal is to eat less meat, learn how to stock a healthy kitchen or go totally plant-based, she meets them exactly where they are on their own personal journey. 


After struggling with her own digestive issues for years, she searched for natural ways to heal herself. It all started with going back to school to obtain her Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Certification. This experience gave her a holistic foundation to wellness. During this healing journey, she realized that “Food is Medicine” and gained a strong desire to share this knowledge with others. In addition to coaching, Jeannine obtained her Plant-Based Chef Certification which has been an amazing compliment!    


She created Kitchen is Love as a way to get clients feeling more calm, organized and confident in the kitchen. Services include plant-based meal planning & prep, one-on-one cooking classes and healthy kitchen makeovers - all  customized to each client’s specific needs.


Jeannine practices a minimalist approach to healthy living. She loves sharing her efficiencies and healthy recipes while making the experience fun!


Some of her favorite activities are spending time in nature with her husband and puppy, cooking, food photography, creating natural beauty & cleaning products, yoga, paddle boarding & kayaking.

My Philosophy

The kitchen is the heart and soul of a home, a place where loved ones and guests migrate - where we make daily decisions to either fuel our bodies with nutrient dense foods or consume processed foods that can make us feel bad.


Cooking is an act of loving kindness. Every decision made can have an impact on ourselves, our loved ones and on the planet. I’m here to help empower you to make healthier decisions for the greater good.