Ready to Cook

One-on-One Plant-Based
Cooking Classes
(virtual and in-home)


Learn how to incorporate more plants into your cooking, improve culinary skills, increase confidence in the kitchen and learn time-saving tips. Class options include Culinary Skills, Meal Planning and Prep Sessions, and Batch Cooking Sessions.


We'll start by focusing on the foods and flavor profiles you actually like - and then add in cooking techniques to create amazing flavors and texture. 

Step 1: Schedule your free consultation.

Step 2: Choose one of the following classes.

  • Culinary skills - including cooking techniques, knife skills, time-saving kitchen tools, etc. 

  • Meal Planning & Prep class - Learn how to plan a menu, create a grocery list and prepare & store food. 

  • Batch Cooking for Mix-and-Match Meals - Learn how to prepare individual meal components to create mix-and-match meals the entire family will love.


Step 3: A menu based on your cravings and food preferences will be created. I'll email you the grocery list so you can purchase the ingredients in advance.

Step 4: I will prepare the food while you watch OR we cook together, remotely or in-person. It's completely up to you!

Ready to learn more? Schedule a free consultation here.

One-on-One Plant-Based 
Cooking Classes

Includes phone planning session, menu, grocery list and recipes.


Our 1-on-1 cooking session will take place either remotely via Zoom or 

in-person in your home.

Cost: $70/hour*

(food not included)

Classes range from 1 to 3 hours.



  1. Custom recipes/menu due to food allergies or special requests are subject to additional fees.

  2. Additional fees will apply if outside of the greater Grand Rapids, MI area.

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