Preparing Eggplant

One-on-One Plant-Based 

Cooking Classes

Includes phone planning sessioncustom meal plan with recipes & grocery shopping and a 1-on-1 cooking session either remotely via Zoom or FaceTime -OR- in-person at your home.

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One-on-One Plant-Based 

Cooking Classes

We'll start by focusing on the foods and flavor profiles you actually like - and then add in cooking techniques to create amazing flavors and texture. I specialize in vegan sauces and dressings that will take your plant-based cooking to the next level! 

STEP 1: Schedule your free consultation.

STEP 2: Choose one of the following cuisines.

  • Asian

  • Mediterranean

  • Mexican

  • American 

STEP 3: I'll create a menu based on your cravings and food preferences.

STEP 4: We cook together.

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