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Plant-Based Pantry Makeover

Are you trying to eat more plant-based whole foods but don't know where to begin? Let me help you get organized! We will get rid of expired food, wipe everything down and put back the foods you want to keep in an organized fashion. This approach works for most existing pantries and cupboards. 


I will share tips for purchasing storage containers and bins. You will also receive a list of plant-based pantry essentials so you can slowly (or quickly) buy items on the list as time and money allow. 


Gain clarity and confidence when shopping and stocking your plant-based kitchen. Organizing and stocking your pantry will empower you to make healthier choices. It also saves time and reduces food waste. 

Includes a phone consultation, shopping list, and five easy recipes made with pantry ingredients. 

Cost: $50/hour with a 3 hour minimum in the greater Grand Rapids, MI area.

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