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Plant-Based Pantry Makeover

Includes phone planning session, custom handouts & up to 2 hours of remote support via Zoom, FaceTime or in-person at your home.

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Plant-Based Pantry Makeover

Are you on a healthy mission but simply don't know where to start? Confused about what you should be eating? Did you recently learn you're intolerant to gluten or dairy? Not sure when to buy organic, grass-fed, free-range, etc? 


This is a pantry, fridge & freezer makeover based on nutrient dense foods. It all starts with an initial phone consultation. I'll create a customized plan based on your individual needs & preferences.


Organizing and stocking your kitchen will empower you to make healthier choices that serve you. It also saves time and reduces food waste. You'll gain better food clarity and feel more confident when it comes to shopping and stocking your kitchen!


Your takeaways will be…

  • Shopping lists.

  • Healthy & affordable shopping tips.

  • Food guides.

  • Meal planning / prep tips + recipes.

  • Healthy swap ideas for your favs.

  • Proper food storage tips.

We will go at your pace, whether it be baby steps or a total transformation. 

What about all the foods that aren't serving you? You have options. Some people eat through them, others donate them to a local charity; it's totally up to you!

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