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Plant-Based Meal Plans

I am so excited and grateful you made it here! I’m Jeannine, a plant-based culinary coach and personal chef. When I first started my plant-based journey, I felt overwhelmed and confused about where to begin - which brings me to this moment. I’ve created these meal plans to reduce confusion and get you started right away so you can open your kitchen, your heart and your mind to the amazing benefits of plants. 


All recipes have been tested and approved by my family, friends and my weekly clients of all ages. If you have a family with mixed eaters, feel free to add a favorite animal protein to these recipes. It’s important to meet everyone where they're at 😉   


Benefits of Meal Plans:


  • Save time - By having a plan, you know which recipes to make and the exact foods to buy. The more often you make a recipe, the faster you will get. 


  • Reduce food waste - Head to the market prepared with your shopping list instead of buying food you don’t need. 


  • Custom recipe book - As you discover recipes you love, add them to your “go-to” collection and rotate every month for variety. If you like printed recipes like me, create a binder with sheet protectors - or save as a digital recipe book.

  • Increase culinary skills - You will learn foundational plant-based cooking, meal planning and prep skills which will take your cooking to the next level.

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