Cooking Classes + Grocery Store Tours

Would you like to learn how to incorporate more delicious plants into your weekly meals? Let's cook together!


What will I learn in these classes?

  • Create easy, balanced and nourishing meals

  • Reduce food waste

  • Save time

  • Weekly meal prep 

  • Incorporate more seasonal produce

  • Safe food storage


Private Plant-Based Cooking Classes: 

2 hours @ $150.00 (food not included) 


After a phone consultation, we will schedule a time to meet in your Grand Rapids area home and cook together! Includes instruction, shopping list and recipes. 


Grocery Store Tour: 

45 minutes @ $65.00


After a phone consultation, we will schedule a time to meet at your favorite Grand Rapids area grocery store. We will focus on healthy whole-foods that will save you time in the kitchen!  Includes flexible recipe formula guides. 

The Plant-Based Experience:

Approximately 3 hours @ $195.00 (food not included)


The perfect class for beginners! It’s a Grocery Store Tour combined with a Private Plant-Based Cooking Class.

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Choose one class below:

  • Nourish Bowls

  • Mason Jar Meals

  • Intro to Tofu and Tempeh

  • Quick and Easy Plant Proteins

  • Sheet Pan Meals

  • One-Pot Comfort Meals

  • Quick and Easy Breakfasts

  • Handhelds (wraps, pitas and sandwiches)

Greek tofu pita meal prep.jpeg
Squash taco meal prep.jpeg
rainbow cutting carrots.jpeg
cilantro bouquet.jpeg
loaded sheet pans.jpeg

Learn how to cut veggies quickly and safely. Raw rainbow veggies make great crunchy toppings for Buddha bowls, salads and wraps. #eattherainbow

Store tender fresh herbs like a bouquet of flowers and loosely cover with a plastic bag. Refrigerate and change water every few days.

#cilantro #parsley #dill

Sheet Pan Fajitas ready to be roasted! Add to a charred corn tortilla and top with fresh guacamole and a squeeze of lime. #cheers