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-Michael Pollan



Kitchen is Love was founded on the simple principle of helping people enjoy eating more plants. 


Over time I realized people adopt sustainable cooking and eating habits when solutions are specific to their tastes, dietary restrictions, and constraints such as time and money. And most important, people felt overwhelmed by changing how they shop, cook and eat over the long run. 


My focus is to help you achieve your long-term healthy eating and home-cooking goals - while eating foods you love.  

PERSONAL PLANT-BASED CHEF SERVICES: I prepare healthy, nutrient-dense meals for busy people that want to thrive but simply don't have much time to cook.


CULINARY COACHING SERVICES: Most of my clients work with me remotely to learn how to increase cooking skills and overall improve their pantry and kitchen so it’s easier to stay eating healthy. The most common one-on-one sessions I do are:

  • One-on-One Plant-Based Cooking Classes

  • Meal Planning + Food Prep Class

  • One-on-One Culinary Coaching Sessions with 3-month Culinary Vision, Strategy and Accountability


If this sounds like a direction you'd like to take, then let's set up a FREE 15-minute consultation which includes a discussion about your current challenges and goals.  

I’m here to help you feel inspired and confident in the kitchen. Shoot me an email if you have questions.

Meal Planning + Food Prep Class

Eat healthy, reduce stress & save time.


Culinary Coaching

Increase your confidence and skill set in the kitchen.


One-on-One Plant-Based Cooking Classes

Learn how to make delicious, nutrient-dense meals.


"Just wanted to say thanks again! You seriously don't know how much you are helping us. My energy is better, I'm back to pre-baby weight. I feel calm, like this part of our chaotic life right now is under control - knowing I'm eating food I love to eat but couldn't do it without you!"

Carolyn Vollmer, MD

Lifestyle Medicine

"Jeannine helped me balance my diet and blood sugar, which put an end to my energy roller coaster! I now listen to my body more intently and have the tools to make healthier decisions. Currently, I'm working full time and going to grad school so my time is precious. I continue to practice meal planning and prep healthy blood sugar balancing snacks to make sure I have the foods available that keep me going and feeling my best. It has made a HUGE difference with my busy schedule and has given me the energy I need to get through each day.  If you truly want to get healthier and make some changes, Jeannine will help you change your life!”

Carrie M.

Community Mental Health Manager

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