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Create dozens of plant-based meal variations by stocking your fridge with ready-to-eat whole foods. Dedicate a couple hours one day a week to plan, prep and cook. In the end, it will save time & reduce your stress levels during the work week. Let's get cooking!


  1. Select a flavor profile for the week to simplify ingredients. Asian, Mediterranean or Mexican are a great place to start.

  2. Whenever possible, select fruit & veggies that represent the colors of the rainbow to get a variety of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

  3. Start with the foods you already have in your kitchen.

  4. Prepared foods typically last up to five days in the refrigerator so plan accordingly. Some meals can be frozen and enjoyed later in the week.

  5. Write down your plan.

  6. Create a grocery list.

MEAL PREP CATEGORIES: (see photo above) I chose a Mexican-inspired theme this week based on some foods I already had, along with the simple fact that I love Mexican food! I prepared the following items in about 75 minutes:

  • Carbohydrates & Protein - cooked quinoa, red lentils, wild rice, black beans

  • Greens - washed and dried spicy & spring mix lettuces

  • Veggies - roasted green bell peppers, zucchini & purple asparagus

  • Flavor Toppers - tomatoes, limes, cilantro, olives, lime vinaigrette, radish, toasted pepitas & avocado

FLEXIBLE RECIPE FORMULAS: (batch cooked foods + additional ingredients) I created the following meals with the prepped foods above:

  • Breakfast Bowls: Quinoa + non-dairy yogurt + berries + maple syrup/honey + nuts/seeds

  • Salads: Greens + roasted veggies + black beans + wild rice + lime vinaigrette + flavor toppers

  • Warm Nourish Bowls: wild rice + black beans + roasted veggies + lime vinaigrette + flavor toppers

  • Zucchini Boats: Zucchini + sauteed onion + taco seasoning + black beans + lentils + quinoa + non-dairy sour cream + flavor toppers

  • Enchiladas: Corn tortillas + sauteed onion + taco seasoning + black beans + lentils + quinoa + enchilada sauce + non-dairy sour cream + flavor toppers

NOTE: To save time, use pre-cut frozen veggies & canned beans - make sure the cans are BPA-free. Use a mandolin slicer to quickly slice firm, raw veggies like radish, carrot, zucchini, fennel, onion, etc.

Need more help with meal planning & prep? Let's cook together!

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